04/23/2016: Finally touched down after a long stint off planet. Lots to update ... more coming soon.


02/18/2010: Updated almost everything. Added an Archive Page to the Animation page, as well as new animation too. I am starting a "Main page Illustration of the Moment Archive" page (linked below the last "Illustration of the Moment" Illustration on the Main page). The Illustration page has transformed into an Illustration Portal; providing links to Illustration-centric pages. Notebooks is a new addition to Illustration; I have found that carrying a sketchbook has me drawing much more than I was before. Alchemy is another addition to Illustration. Crazy wonderful drawing app for throwing out ideas and shapes. With a bit of finesse, the results can be exported as AI. Re-branded an Illustration section as E-Art ... updated with new and with all the regulars too. Pen and Ink now becomes ... Pen and Ink; new ones drawn previously currently in prep for debut soon. comix; updated; more on their way too ... soon ... ish


01/21/2010: Currently producing animation for several short films ... they all came at me at the same time; idea dev for several more as well, as well as a few episodic story-lines ... as well. Cobbled together a new Reel (meant for late 2009 - hence its title of "2009 Reel 2") ... all 3D. With the addition of the 2 new "Illustrations of the Moment" seen on the Main page, I am starting a "Main page Illustration of the Moment Archive" page (linked below the last "Illustration of the Moment" Illustration on the Main page). Also added a new 2D walk cycle / background test animation to the animation page; added a few new illustrations to the illustration page ...

SMARTcomix is in a transitional state currently: PORTALS are in the works for passage to different spaces that are currently being built within SMARTcomix; hundreds of drawings to prep / publish will be in one of these new spaces - an ongoing task that will take ... a long time; much more not yet fully realized ... involving old / new art, old / new animation ...

browse back soon ... browse back often ...


08/16/2009: Added 2 projects to animation that should have already been there ... 2 completed short films from 2008.


08/12/2009: Updated website ... let me know what you think. Finished some films, learned Softimage|XSI 7.01 with ICE, drew ...


09/22/2008: Fixed a link below (link in 01/02/2007 post) ... and to say there's alot coming soon. New site with new content and new collaborations.


12/26/2007: WOW!!! Has it ever been crazy busy! Added a work page with actual work completed for clients on schedules ...


03/08/2007: Updated the Illustration page with some new images I almost forgot I made


03/05/2007: How time flies!!! Here we are - March 5, 2007 ... very busy ... good busy! I have added a new 2007 demo reel to the Animation page. Have a looksee and let me know what you think.


01/02/2007: Ahhh ... a New Year!!! 2007 looks to be a good year to expand and grow. I have set several goals for myself and SMARTcomix ... ambitious goals to say the least, but if the bar is not set high, mediocrity is an inevitable result. Keeping one of the goals in mind brings me to some old but relevant news concerning new distribution channels. This was my response to Amid Amidi's Cartoon Brew article "Is My Animated Short Worth a Penny". He published several responses to his article ... scroll down to find "Filmmaker Robert Hemby" 's response.


12/03/2006: Back from Miami and the 2006 Miami Short Film Fest. It was a great experience ... "Kustansistat" was recieved well with a good mixture of "ha ha"s and "huh?"s, and I met some great people. There was talk of more to do with the 2006 festival from external "interests" ... stay tuned for more as further developments are made known. Meanwhile, I have posted "Kustansistat" online" for all to see. Feel free to provide feedback of impressions made and critiques.


10/29/2006: The complete list of short films to be screened has been posted. Go to http://www.miamishortfilmfestival.com/2006selected.html to see the entire list. "Kustansistat" is the 69th film from the top. Coincidence ... ? ... I think not.


10/25/2006: "The following is the official schedule of your film: Date: Saturday Dec 2nd, 2006; Venue: CocoWalk AMC Theaters; Address: 3015 Grand Avenue Coconut Grove, FL 33133; Phone: 305.444.0777; Start Time: 6:00 p.m." Ahhh ... a show time ! Couldn't be happier


10/01/2006: "Kustansistat" has been accepted into the Miami Short Film Festival: "Congratulations!!! We are very glad to inform you, that your film "Kustansistat" has been selected by the MsFF committee to be screened in our festival." The Miami Short Film Festival takes place November 27th thru December 2nd, 2006. Go to http://www.miamishortfilmfestival.com/ for more info about the Miami Short Film Festival.



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