Animation Archive No. 001 Older peices of work, but still relevant ... shorts ... sequences of interest ...

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Animation Archive No. 001


ATTENTION An observation of attention and its motivations. The first dancer (with the long orange hair) dances with authority knowing that his dancing prowess will garner him the attention he knows he will receive; the second dancer dances in boldly demanding attention via the attitude with which he dances towards others with; the third dancer does not want attention, though attention is assured wether it is wanted or not; the third dancer dances through quickly as the other 2 dancers stop ... and pay attention to the third dancer who shuns attention hence ignoring all who are paying any attention.
The third dancer dances off screen as the two remaining pay attention to the event. Once gone, the two remaining look at each other ... shrug ... and proceed to dance after the third knowing that she will be seen later in this direction.
Quicktime (.mov) Sorenson3 ... 14.1MB


Mollie, Milton, and Mike

Mollie, Milton, and Mike A family of 3 ... each with their own bit of disturbance to add to the balance ... or lack thereof. Much more material here detailing further development of this storyline.
Quicktime (.mov) Sorenson3 ... 9.5MB



Kustansistat Two friends having a talk about ... what else ? ... Kustansistat !
Quicktime (.mov) Sorenson3 ... 2.7MB


DJ Viro

DJ Viro A short 30 sec teaser music video for a mix from DJ Viro
Quicktime (.mov) ... 7.3MB


Watch to horizon

Watch to horizon A friend watching a new friend bouncing away into the sunset
Quicktime (.mov) Sorenson3 ... 6.3MB



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